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Summer 2020 Pilot Series : Newsletter #1

Dear Cinephiles and Ethicists,

Thank you for expressing interest in the August 2020 pilot of FilmShtiebel! This weekly newsletter will provide information about upcoming programs, a few recommendations of films and events “around town,” digitally speaking, and ideas of themes and films for which we would welcome your feedback.

- The FilmShtiebel Team

In the Shtiebel

Launch notes - August 16, 2020: Considering Neighborliness in The Hundred-Foot Journey

We were joined by an intimate group of individuals from the East and West Coasts as we discussed experiences of finding and creating community.

Some questions we considered:

  • What are the highlights and lowlights of having neighbors?

  • How does The Hundred-Foot Journey explore issues of diversity, neighborliness, and repentance?

  • What does Judaism have to say about being a good neighbor?

If you missed this session and want to know more about it, please drop us a line!


  • This week’s event - Sunday, August 23 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern:

Considering Reality TV Ethics in The Truman Show

**Please register by Friday morning to receive the Zoom link**

**Please register by Monday morning to receive the Zoom link**

This Week’s Recommendations

Other films that remind us of…The Hundred-Foot Journey:

  • Journeying to create a new home: Away We Go

  • Newcomers navigating neighborhood rules: Footloose

  • The nuanced history of American communities: Ragtime

Events around the digital town:

Up for FilmShtiebel Consideration:

Respecting family and heritage: Good Bye Lenin!

The power of language: The King’s Speech

Interactions of people and place: Do The Right Thing

We welcome your thoughts on these films as well as recommendations for future programming!

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